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Poll: The best 4x4 ever is…

16 Jul 2015 News

Poll: The best 4x4 ever is…

We asked you what you thought the best 4x4 of all time was and you answered the call.

It is official... well, almost. The best 4x4 or all time, according to 4X4 Australia readers, is the tough-as-nails WWII US Army Jeep.

But it wasn’t exactly a landslide victory.

In 4X4 Australia's online poll, just 17 per cent of readers voted for the army Jeep, while 16.5 per cent voted for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series.

Land Rover came in close at number three, with 14.8 per cent of votes, followed by the Nissan Patrol GQ, with 13.2 per cent of votes.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series was the fifth most popular choice, with 12.6 per cent of votes, while, surprisingly, the Toyota Hilux just missed out on being in the top five - it was voted in at number six, with a semi-respectable 12.1 per cent of votes. 

The 1970 Range Rover also performed quite poorly, winning just 1.6 per cent of votes, while the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 landed 2.2 per cent of votes.

In the latest edition of 4X4 Australia we rounded up our own expert panel of 4x4 nuts to vote for their top ten 4x4s of all time.

To see how their votes stack up against yours, check out the latest edition of 4X4 Australia, available at newsagents or by subscribing to 4X4 Australia in electronic or print format.

Your Votes:

1. WW2 US Army Jeep                                  17.%
2. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series                                     16.5%
3. Land Rover            14.8%
4. Nissan Patrol GQ 13.2%
5. Land Cruiser 70 Series 12.6%
6. Toyota Hilux   12.1%
7. Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series                                      5.5%
8. Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series 4.4%
9. Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 2.2%
10. Range Rover (1970)  1.6%


The Top 3:

1. The WII Army Jeep

Ww 2-Jeep -inMost commonly known as Willy’s Overland MB (or the godfather, as we like to call it), this Jeep was made tough for tough times. The US Army set strict guidelines regarding the size, weight, engine power and performance of the Jeep – so strict that the vehicle's initial prototypes were rejected. At the core of the final design were live axles at both ends carried on leaf springs. This allowed the Jeeps to serve as supply vehicles, machine gun mounts, troop carriers and more.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

Toyota -80-Series -inStrength, durability and all-coil suspension – the 80 Series had a lot going for it, and deserves its spot at number two. Introduced to Australia in 1990, the 80 Series offered full-time 4x4, two new engines, and a giant leap forward in terms of sophistication. However, it still retained the go-anywhere toughness of its predecessors.

3. Land Rover

Land -Rover -inCreated as a stopgap model, this earth roamer helped the planet like no other vehicle. With the spirit of the WWII Army Jeep at its heart, the Land Rover was simple and useful with uncomplicated engineering and barebones comfort levels.

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