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By Erin Doyle, 18 Sep 2012 News


We hope we can travel as well as this Toyota when we’re 76.

We hope we can travel as well as this Toyota when we’re 76.

When it comes to being serious about four-wheel driving, you can’t go past Mark Haffenden. He lives and breathes it every day. Mark was so enthusiastic about combining his hobby with his day job that he bought well-established Perth training business, Eureka 4WD Training. He loves that he gets paid to pass on his passion to people just starting out on their own personal 4X4 adventure.

Mark has always owned a 4X4. He started out in the UK 25 years ago with the traditional, no-frills, working man’s chariot of choice, the Landie. In testament to their toughness, it was an original 1948 model that he picked up for the tidy sum of £500. That old Landie allowed Mark the enriching experience of spending all his free time scouring the British mainland in search of parts. While Mark’s mates were chatting to the girls, he was heading down to Shropshire for spares. After battling around the country to every dealer to get his brakes working he sold the Landie with relief to a collector, who kindly took it off his hands for £2000. After his initial glee at turning such a tidy profit, 21-year-old Mark found out he’d been driving a very rare vehicle and could have held out for £10,000.