AUSTRALIA's biggest indoor show, Meguiar's MotorEx is on 19-21 July at Sydney Olympic Park and amongst the gaggle of just-completed show stoppers will be a number of amazing in-the-build cars too.

One of the toughest will be the XY Falcon, which Queensland's Adam Le Brese is building for a customer. Powered by a Jon Kaase Boss-style engine, the only parts on the car that will remain stock will be the roof skin and pillars. The body will be extensively modified to give it a more agressive profile and the chassis will feature a scratch-built independent rear suspension set up, with a full belly pan. There will be billet goodies all over it too, including the tailight and blinker surrounds. The best bit is that the car will be registered as an ICV (Independently Costructed Vehicle) as the owner plans on driving the wheels of it.

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