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$270,000 resto-modded FJ40 has a one-year waiting list

By Daniel Wong, 04 Oct 2019 News

The FJ Company builds AUD270000 resto-modded FJ40s news

Incredible FJ40 rebuilds for the incredulously wealthy enthusiast.

IT IS NOT uncommon for classic Toyota LandCruiser FJ40 examples of all shapes and running conditions to be traded for top dollar these days, but how far would you stretch your budget for a perfect FJ40?

American-based FJ40 specialists, The FJ Company, think the sky is the limit, with its run of custom-built, resto-modded FJ40s starting at USD$180,000 (AUD$270,000). And, according to its newly appointed Californian dealer, Canepa, The FJ Company has a 12-18 month waiting list on its hands.

The resto-modded models, known as the G40, are built using authentic 1973-1983 FJ40 bodies and chassis with minimal rust or modifications. From there, The FJ Company fully strips down the body and chassis, realigns the chassis, restores the body, and rebuilds the entire FJ40 by hand.

While the G40 retains its classic exterior aesthetics, albeit with subtle modern touches like LED headlights and CNC-machined exterior bits, it gets modern-day thrust in the form of a 4.0-litre 1GRE-FE Toyota V6, producing 170kW in its naturally-aspirated guise.

The range-topping USD$220,000 (AUD$325,000) Signature G40-S comes specced with a Magnuson supercharger. Either engine spec will come mated to a Toyota five-speed manual gearbox.

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The mechanicals also get a thorough update, with the addition of front coil suspension, ABS with stability and traction control electronics, automatic locking hubs, and optional front and rear lockers.

For something with an asking price of a Range Rover, the G40 gets a raft of interior updates; although, as The FJ Company is dedicated to retaining the vehicle’s classic looks, it only comes in the form of custom upholstered Recaro seats, integrated vintage air-conditioning and heater functions, LED cabin lights, and a centre console-mounted modern infotainment system with Apple CarPlay functionality.

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Customers are given a wide range of customisability with a generous list of options, which includes a full range of body colours, interior trim colours, 4x4 gear, and hard- or soft-top options.

According to Canepa, The FJ Company builds around 30 custom examples each year, with an average build time of six months.

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