“This isn’t a street car you can race,” says Rod Saboury. “It’s a race car you can drive on the street!” The car in question is a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which is a very desirable vehicle in standard form.

When the car was new, the most powerful engine you could option was a 327 cubic-inch, 360hp fuel injected V8. Instead, Rod has squeezed a twin-turbocharged, 400ci alloy-block V8 into the unsuspecting Corvette.

Combined with race-car suspension, chassis and transmission, the monster engine allows the ’63 to storm the quarter-mile in 6.75-seconds, zooming through the traps at 209mph. That’s 336km/h kids!

What’s more, Rod does these times on DOT-approved tyres and without the benefit of methanol fuel. And yep, he drives the Corvette on the street and has already put 3500 miles on the odometer.

If Rod tried that on Australian roads, he’d get arrested quick-smart, but luckily he lives in Maryland USA, where the road rules are a touch more liberal. For the full story, check out the November issue of Street Machine.