Top 10: Australia's Best Selling 4x4s

Who takes top spot as Australia's best selling dual-range 4x4 of 2013?

#10: Toyota Landcruiser - 8125 Sold

Who takes top spot as Australia's best selling dual-range 4x4 of 2013?

Whatever way you look at it, 2013 was the year of the ute. The combined sales of Toyota’s 4x4 and 4x2 Hilux placed it as Australia’s third best-selling new vehicle behind the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda 3. And Mitsubishi’s Triton, Nissan’s Navara and Ford’s Ranger all made the overall top ten with combined 4x4 and 4x2 sales.

In terms of dual-range 4x4 vehicles, the ute’s dominance was even more significant with seven of the top-ten best sellers being utes. And just missing out on the top ten were Toyota’s 79-Series LandCruiser ute and Volkswagen’s Amarok.

Aside from their obvious practicality and functionality, today’s dual-cab utes offer a winning combination of refinement, safety, comfort, equipment and performance. Of all ute variants, dual cab 4x4s are the most popular. In terms of dual-range 4x4 wagons, the Prado is struggling to remain number one and in the second half of the year it was outsold by Jeep’s recently revamped Grand Cherokee. It still pipped the Jeep on the full year sales but it’s been a long time since Toyota didn’t own the number-one spot of the 4x4 wagons.

Diesels also completely dominated as the preferred engine type. Of all the top ten 4x4 utes, only the Hilux is offered with a petrol engine but it commands only one per cent of sales. It’s pretty much the same story with Toyota’s 4x4 wagons with only two per cent of 200 Series and three per cent of Prado sold being petrol powered. Only the Grand Cherokee has a significant petrol take-up with 42 per cent being petrol powered.

What are Australia’s best selling dual-range 4x4 of 2013?

1. Totoya Hilux - 29,344 sold

2. Nissan Navara - 21,758 sold

3. Mitsubishi Triton - 20,549 sold

4. Ford Ranger - 16,913 sold

5. Toyota Prado - 14,548 sold

6. Holden Colorado - 13,947 sold

7. Jeep Grand Cheroke - 12,931 sold

8. Mazda BT-50 - 9,005 sold

9. Isuzu D-Max - 8,488 sold

10. Toyota Landcruiser - 8,125 sold

You chose them, and in the March 2014 issue of 4x4 Australia we review them. Australia's top ten best selling dual-range 4x4s go under the microscope. 

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