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Top 6 dangerous 4x4 river crossing videos

26 May 2017 News

river crossings

Fast-flowing, deep water isn’t enough to deter these crazy off-roaders.

APPROACHING a fast-flowing obstacle on a 4x4 adventure can certainly get the adrenaline pumping.

Nerves of steel mixed with an element of stupidity is what’s required for the challenge to be accepted and completed – and this is often what makes YouTube so appealing at 1am in the morning on a school night.

We trawled YouTube and assembled a collection of river-crossing videos which (ultimately) had feel-good endings (read: no one gets hurt).

So, here’s what happens when you combine luck, bravado, skill and stupidity.

1: Land Cruiser 80 Series

An 80 Series hits pretty deep water (deeper than the driver probably thought), but the persistent steerer urges the off-road-capable Toyota to the other bank. Job well done.

 2: Ford Ranger

This fast-flowing, deep river is one crossing you should probably steer clear of, but this eager driver had other ideas. There must have been something pretty good waiting on the other side.

3: Toyota Hilux

Off-road-focused Hilux – with two blokes in the tray, no less – shows a blatant disregard for nature. This one could have ended in disaster!

4: Jeep Wrangler TJ

TJ Wrangler, with a nerves-of-steel pilot, tackles a relentless rapid. Things get a bit dicey about half-way through, but a never-give-up attitude wins through in the end.

5: Isuzu Trooper

Floating Trooper switches from a 4x4 to a boat, yet a nice recovery from the driver sees it mount the opposite bank.

6: Nissan Patrol

Sometimes it’s a good idea to park your pride and admit you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Just like this bloke.

In the end, all it takes is common-sense. If it looks dangerous, it probably is. Your best bet is to search for another crossing further up- or downstream – or give it a miss and head back.