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Tourism NT release ‘get out of the state you’re in’ campaign

By Tristan Tancredi, 25 Jul 2017 News

NT tourism campaign get out of you're state

Tourism NT lures adventurers away from the urban sprawl.

Tourism NT has released a series of videos encouraging Australians to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and visit the Northern Territory.

The ‘get out of the state you’re in’ campaign enlists the help of three comedians to take the mickey out of the populated cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, and then exposes the NT’s countless attractions: indigenous art and culture, incredible beaches, beautiful waterfalls, picturesque sunsets and, of course, stacks of four-wheel driving.

We had a chuckle – mostly at the Melbourne video – and, considering we’ll always encourage folk to load up the fourbie for a getaway, we thought we’d show them to you.

Radio host and comedian Harley Breen does a cheery job poking fun at Melbourne’s most obvious stereotypes, but at the same time enlightens viewers as to why the NT is better.

YouTube comedian Alex Williamson takes the piss out of South Australians. “What is this parallel universe where people swim in waterholes, and fish instead of work,” he says.

“I didn’t believe they had a rock the size of Uluru, but there it was,” he continues.

While Tanya Hennesey jokes about things Sydney-siders never say, and then explains how the NT offers so much more.

It’s all in good humour, and if it encourages people to hit the outback trails, then it’s a good thing in our books!