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Toyota 'Little and Large' videos: Tamiya Hilux

By Tristan Tancredi, 22 Mar 2017 News

Toyota 'Little and Large' videos: Tamiya Hilux cover

Bite-sized RC Hilux squares off against its full-sized counterpart.

TOYOTA UK has released a series of ‘Hilux Little and Large’ web videos with a very simple premise – to show off its bite-sized (1:10 scale) Tamiya Hiluxes alongside its full-sized Toyota counterparts.

The radio-controlled, micro Hiluxes all feature a 4WD system mated to a three-speed automatic transmission, which is permanently locked in low range.

To help it go (almost) where its big brother can, the scaled-down ’Lux is fitted with chunky tyres and 50mm of ground clearance.

Tamiya Hilux drivingThe full-sized Toyota Hilux, with its 2.4-litre turbo-diesel engine and six-speed manual transmission, features an AWD system and Active Traction Control. Plus the Invincible model in question has 293mm of ground clearance.

The first of the four short videos is titled Tow, and it sees both the ‘Little and Large’ Hiluxes towing a Toyota 86 through a series of chicanes – it’s topped off with some nice circle work.

The second vid, called Mud, is pretty much self-explanatory. It contains plenty of mud, and plenty of wheel-spinning from both combatants.

Pull is the third vid in the web series and it’s our favourite. It sees a team of 15 remote-controlled Hiluxes adorably strain to pull a full-size Toyota Hilux from a standing start.

The fourth and final video submerges the Tamiya Hilux beyond its ‘safe’ 30mm wading depth as its big bro utilises all of its 700mm of wading depth – with a tray of its tiny siblings on board.

Check out the videos for a bit of a laugh.