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Dirty Work: What's Milo's future?

By John Rooth, 19 Nov 2015 Opinion

Dirty Work: What's Milo's future?

Roothy ponders the future of Milo, its diff lockers, suspension, switchgear, and dashboard made of nylon cutting boards.

People are always asking me, ‘what’s Milo’s future? ’After being hammered for more than a million kilometres, surely she’s got to die sooner or later?

Yes, probably, but we’ll have to wait to find out, because, with LowRange in full song, I’ve got no plans to take her off the tracks yet.

Milo's Future
A lot of Milo’s future is wrapped up with Roo Systems owner Glen ‘Hasbeen’ Hadden. The Roo team do most of Milo’s servicing and are always looking for things to improve. Gleno was pulling my leg (below), suggesting maybe we line Milo with sound-deadening aluminium foil to make her more comfortable. Harden up, mate! Actually, that sounds pretty good. Does it come in pink?

Dirty work milos future 4

Locker room
One of the latest modifications made to Milo has been the fitment of eLockers, back and front. I’ve had a great run out of Air Lockers and Pro Lockers in the past, but they’re last century’s technology compared to these. It doesn’t get much simpler than two wires feeding a magnet. What’s that? It needs to be simple? Yeah, and I hope your seat warmer gets stuck and roasts your bum, too!

Dirty work milos future 3

Cutting-board dash
Ha! Roo Systems bloke Aaron (below right) tested the eLocker buttons while trying hard not to laugh at Milo’s cutting-edge dash. Actually, it’s made of cutting boards, the nylon variety. Easy to work, great vibration and electrical insulation and... looks like crap, but you can’t haveeverything. The Narva switchgear is basic but strong and has been through hell and back. No, there’s no ‘climate control’. That’s what the flaps are for.

Dirty work milos future 6

Gen 4x4
Milo usually draws a crowd when there are people around and it’s always good shooting the breeze with the new generation of enthusiasts, like the young blokes (right top) up on Fraser. I reckon the off-road lifestyle just gets stronger all the time, probably a reaction to the crowded and busy city life, eh?

Dirty work milos future 2

Power in numbers
Roo Systems’ Aaron, Wayne (Uncle Fester, the workshop manager), Gleno and Peter (right) are the guys most responsible for Milo’s 13BT growing power from the original imported grey motor’s 35kW to more than 89kW on the four-wheel drive dyno. That and help from Terrain Tamer’s Allan Gray mean Milo’s drivetrain looks like it will outlast her body.

Dirty work milos future 5

Spring cleaning
Meanwhile, the 76 is up on the hoist for another suspension check (right). Product testing is a large part of the work and it’s hard not to like it. I mean, people give you things, you take them out and flog them silly – it’s a great excuse to go hard off-road! OL’s new Aussie-made suspension held up after a hard Cape trip!

Dirty work milos future 1