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2017’s most popular 4x4s: Isuzu D-MAX

By Fraser Stronach, 14 Aug 2017 Reviews

2017 Isuzu D MAX main

#8: Recently upgraded D-MAX meets tighter emissions standards and gets new six-speed transmissions.

THE D-MAX’S year-on-year sales are the picture of consistency, with only 17 more units being sold in the first five months of 2017 as there was in 2016.

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And this steady-as-she-goes consistency is very much what the D-MAX’s sales have been about for a few years.

Isuzu D-MAX rearMind you, the D-MAX sold in 2017 is a different vehicle to the D-MAX sold in 2016, thanks to the mandatory compliance to Euro 5 emissions standards that came into effect in December 2016.

Effectively, Euro 5 brings a diesel particulate filter but, at the same time, Isuzu re-worked the engine with new-generation higher-pressure common-rail injection, a new variable-geometry low-inertia turbo, a larger EGR cooler, and new pistons.

There’s also a new Aisin six-speed automatic as used by Toyota in the Hilux and Prado, which has the same ratios including the two – notably tall – overdrives.

Despite the engine changes, maximum power remains at a modest 130kW, so the new D-MAX goes about as hard as the old D-MAX pedal-to-the-metal, which isn’t anything to get excited about. It does the job, but without the purpose and vigour of many competitor utes.

Isuzu D-MAX uteHowever, the engine remake provides more driveability with extra torque (now 430Nm, up from 380Nm) and a ‘fatter’ torque curve, which has the previous maximum of 380Nm produced 100rpm lower (now 1700rpm) and extending 700rpm higher to 3500rpm.

The engine is also a little quieter and more refined – but still nothing special in that regard – and a little more economical. And while the new six-speed auto doesn’t help with outright performance as such, it’s a much better gearbox in general driving thanks to its more proactive and smarter shift protocols.

On road, the D-MAX steers and handles well enough without being anything special, while off-road it’s also a middle-of-the-pack performer. It’s still a capable 4x4, but just not up with the best in its class.

2017 (to June): 4384
2016 (to June): 4367
Change: +0.4%

Powertrain: C
On-road: C
Off-road: C
Cabin & Equipment: C
Towing & Practicality: C
Final word: The D-MAX is solid, without being spectacular.

*Scored against class competitors. A= Excellent. B= Very Good. C= Good. D= Fair. E= Poor. F= Fail.