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2019 Land Rover Discovery SD4 long-term review part 5: 4x4 shed

By Tristan Tancredi, 22 Jun 2019 Reviews

2019 Land Rover Discovery SD4 long-term review part 5 4x4 shed feature

New rubber, new ride for the Disco.

THE past month has been spent acclimating to the new Goodyear Duratracs that were zapped onto the four corners of our 2019 Land Rover Discovery long-termer last month by the folks at Beaurepaires in Chadstone, Victoria.

The off-road focused 255/55 R20 Duratracs not only enhance the Disco’s brooding presence, but they remain quite liveable on city and suburban tarmac. Granted, there’s an audible rumble generated by the tread pattern that invades the cabin, but the ride quality isn’t hindered and the sound becomes unobtrusive once you get used to it.

The comfort of the heated front pews, for short or long stints on the blacktop, has been discussed ad nauseam – and we’re starting to take advantage of this feature in the cooler months – but does the Disco remain comfortable when loaded up with four adults and plenty of cargo? In a word, yep!

With four ‘average-sized’ adults onboard, the Disco remains pleasant for long-distance touring. Leg and head room is aplenty for both front and rear passengers, while the spacious seats are both supportive and comfortable. The Acorn leather trim and natural Shadow Oak veneer trims add to the luxury.

Ample rear cargo space means you’ll be able to load up luggage for four, an Engel fridge and other campsite essentials. Plus, the centre console between the rear seats drops down so that longer objects can squeeze up through the cabin between the two rear-seat passengers.

Navigating the touchscreen is a stress-free affair due to the user-friendly interface, and connecting your phone via Bluetooth or plotting a route through the TomTom-based sat-nav both become two-second jobbies after a bit of getting used to – and the screen won’t lock when the car is in motion, so the front passenger can amend the sat-nav inputs on-the-fly. The lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a notable hole in the Disco’s arsenal, though.

The Disco is fitted with a bunch of InControl driving assistance technology including Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Keep Assist; the latter guiding the vehicle back on track – and sending a slight vibration through the steering wheel – if it happens to drift out of a lane and touch the lines.

The system might sound obtrusive to old-school 4x4ers, but the technology corrects any wayward steering with a gentle nudge.

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4x4 Shed Log: 2019 Land Rover Discovery SD4
Current mileage: 
Date acquired: 
Dec 2018
$103,840 +ORC
Mileage since last update: 1083km
Average fuel consumption: