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2017 Holden Colorado Z71 vs Ford Ranger XLT video comparison

By Fraser Stronach, 09 Nov 2016 4x4 Comparisons

Refreshed Holden Colorado is raring to topple Ford’s Ranger.

2017 Holden Colorado Z71 vs Ford Ranger XLT video comparison feature

THE Ford Ranger model line-up copped a refresh back in 2015, and now Holden has stripped down its Colorado and built it back together in an attempt to bridge the gap.

Mid-generational changes for the Ranger included the addition of a smaller and more efficient turbo, new fuel injectors, cylinder head changes and various measures to improve engine NVH.

It also received fresh front-end styling, a new-look dashboard, electric power steering and enhanced electronic control of the 4x4 system.

Most of the Colorado’s changes are aimed at improving refinement. This includes relocated engine balance shafts, revised fuel injection, additional injector soundproofing, a new torque converter for the auto, shorter final-drive gearing for the manual, new engine and transmission mounts, new body mounts, recalibrated suspension and electric power steering.

The Ranger utilises the bigger 147kW/470Nm 3.2-litre five-cylinder engine, while the Colorado maintains the 147kW/500Nm 2.8-litre four-cylinder from Italian diesel specialists VM Motori.

4X4 Australia’s road-test editor Fraser Stronach took the two red utes up the highway and to some off-road tracks to find out whether the updated Colorado can keep up with the sales-dominant Ranger.

The two utes are now more evenly matched than ever before, so will Ford or Holden be the new king of the (dirt) mountain?

Read the full review in 4X4 Australia’s December issue, out November 10, to find out.

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