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Top 5 custom 4x4s of 2017

By Tristan Tancredi, 29 Dec 2017 Custom 4x4s

patriot campers 6x6 lc79

The most popular modified fourbies of 2017.

OFF the back of thriving 4x4 aftermarket scene, 2017 saw a spike in quality, heart-stopping custom builds.

The fact we could squeeze the field of wild customs down to only five is an achievement in itself.

Patriot Campers’ 6x6 LC79

Patriot campers 6x6When the team at Patriot Campers gets to work, you know there’s going to be something incredible in the making. Everything about this build is special, including the complete JMACX 6x6 system which replaced the standard rear axle/leaf spring setup. A GSL 100% kit provides a 100 per cent increase in torque. Plus, we got to drive it!

Read about the 6x6 LC79 here

Land Rover Defender 90

Land Rover Defender 90

This Defender 90 was initially supposed to be a daily driver, but once its owner caught the Landy bug that soon changed. Since it was purchased back in 2013 the 90 has had the aftermarket catalogue smartly thrown at it. Everything from the drivetrain to the suspension componentry has been tweaked to make it an off-road beast.

Full details here

LS3-powered Holden Colorado

LS3 powered colorado
This is the Colorado Holden should have built! It’s powered by a General Motors 6.2-litre LS3 V8 engine capable of dishing out more than 400 ponies and around 580Nm. These torque levels are comparable with the twin-turbo V8 diesel found in LC200s, but the Colorado is considerably lighter… you beaut.

For more info on the conversion and what else it’s packing, head here

Toyota N80 Hilux

n80 hilux
N80 Hilux bucks the trends of vehicles built for show instead of go. It’s owner, a keen fisho and hunter, needed an ultimate work rig that could lug a 2000kg boat, but also get beyond the black stump across treacherous terrain. So he opted for the N80 Hilux and set to work expertly modifying the rig for its intended purpose. The results speak for themselves.

What’s it got? Read about it here

Coyote V8-powered Ford Ranger

V8 ford ranger
When the request came through by the client for a V8 transplant into a Ranger, the crew at Diesel Leaders dismissed the idea of a big-block engine in favour of a supercharged Ford Coyote V8 that, in stock form, pumps out 335kW and 570Nm. It had to be expertly squeezed into the engine bay, which was no mean feat. If you’ve got a spare 30 seconds, we recommend watching the video just to listen to the big V8 howl!

Watch the Ranger in action here