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Toyota Hilux electronics tested on the Canning Stock Route

By Toby Hagon, 21 Jul 2016 Road Tests

Hilux’s electronic traction aids push the ute further along the Canning.

Toyota Hilux electronics tested on the Canning Stock Route

THE Toyota Hilux SR5 comes with some clever chassis electronics and traction aids, the most useful of which is ATRAC traction control.

The electronic traction control quickly asserted itself as a handy tool on the rugged sections of the Canning Stock Route. Being so remote this is not the place you want to get stuck, and it was reassuring to have this system under us.

Clambering out of a particularly challenging creek crossing there were some brief flares of wheelspin, but the electronics soon sorted things out, diverting drive to the wheels that were still gripping on the sharp, loose rocks.

The traction control is so effective that it negates the need for a diff lock, but Toyota gives you one on the SR5 anyway. But trust us, the traction control does a better job, because when you engage the diff lock the traction control is disabled and the front axle runs as an open diff. Clever electronics get the job done.