Get more track time with Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™

Want to spend less time under the car and more time hitting the tracks? Nulon’s latest innovation, EZY-SQUEEZE™ is here to change your vehicle service from an all-day affair to an hour of power.

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Changing your gear, diff, or automatic transmission fluid has always been an absolute mission that could take hours and leave you messy, sweaty; and with a garage floor covered in oil. Until now.

Do you want to go from this?

To this?

Meet the quickest, easiest way to change your 4WD’s fluids – introducing Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™ – a range of 1 litre ATF, gear and diff fluids made to suit over 95% of vehicles found on (and off!) Australian roads.

We all know the damage water can cause if it gets into the oil, and no one wants those part replacement costs; making regular fluid changes not just beneficial, but an absolute must for many 4WDers. Even so, the time, effort; and arm-strength required to change gear and diff oil has made it an often-avoided aspect of servicing, and one often left to the workshops.

EZY-SQUEEZE™’s filler tube, patent-pending applicator and flexible packaging have been designed to make your life easier and fluid changes cleaner and quicker, a huge time saving for those who have to change their gear or diff oil before or after every trip away.

The product has also been extensively tested in workshops and under controlled conditions, with the product exceeding all expectations and cutting fluid change times by up to 50%. So whether you’re up in Cape York, the Simpson Desert or Mt Huxley, you’ll be able to do a fluid change using Nulon’s EZY-SQUEEZE™ – provided you’ve got a flat surface and some jack stands.

To complement the new EZY-SQUEEZE™ product range, Nulon has also designed a range of sleek transmission FILLER-TOOL(s) ™ for those vehicles requiring specialised tools to complete a driveline service. The high-quality FILLER-TOOL(s) ™ simply screw into the transmission fill point and when attached to the EZY-SQUEEZE™ filler tube creates a fast drip free application, so you can spend less time de-greasing your garage floor and more time behind the wheel.

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Plus, if you’ve never done a fluid change before, Nulon’s MyGarage has all the tips, tricks, and instructions you’ll ever need, along with downloadable step-by-step illustrations. On the website, and on Nulon’s YouTube channel, you’ll also find a range of DIY videos, and the Nulon Lube Guide, which will match your vehicle with the fluids it needs.

Want to see just how easy it is to do a manual transmission service on a Patrol? Check this out!

Nulon’s EZY-SQUEEZE™ and FILLER-TOOL™ ranges are now available in all good auto stores Australia wide, so head in store to pick up a pack and get ready for the easiest fluid change of your life!

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