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Adam LZ to Barra-swap a GT350 Mustang – Video

By Kian Heagney, 19 May 2020 TV

American YouTuber Adam LZ is planning on giving a modern Mustang a new Barra heart

Adam LZ to Barra-swap a GT350 Mustang – Video

BARRA swaps have slowly been taking over the mantle from the once-dominant LS as the go-to engine swap for cheap horsepower, but for obvious reasons that trend has really only been happening on Australian soil.

However, there is some evidence of Barras creeping their way overseas. We wrote about a Barra-swapped BMW 2002 in Sweden a few years ago, and we can’t forget the killer eight-second, Barra-swapped Fox-body Mustang that Ben Neal and the boys from The Skid Factory built to run at Hot Rod Drag Week last year; that build was immortalised on YouTube.

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Now, hugely popular American YouTuber Adam LZ has come to the Barra party, with plans to swap his S550 Ford Mustang GT350.

Mostly known for building turbo Japanese drift cars, Adam LZ rose to fame from riding BMX bikes on his YouTube channel to now owning a huge fleet of cars, including Toyota Chasers, Nissan Skylines, Mitsubishi Evos, a 997 Porsche GT3 RS and a now severely burnt Mustang GT350.

Adam recently posted the agonising footage of the front of his GT350 burning to the ground, the near-new ’Stang catching fire after an oil filter came loose during a track day. Nobody was hurt in the incident, but the front of the car was pretty crispy.

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Adam hinted he had plans to resurrect the car, and those became much clearer when he unveiled a new Barra heart for the Mustang.

The new donk was sourced through Dominator Motorsports, the same mob we recently used to throw some goodies into our Barra for our MX-5 and Turbo Taxi engines.

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While Adam has been fairly vague about his goals for the car, he has stated he expects over 1000rwhp out of the Barra by the time he’s done. We’ll be keeping an eye on his progress and can’t wait to see how the Yanks react to a good dose of Aussie horsepower!

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