ANYONE who has driven a real 600hp car knows that’s a lot of horsepower. Bump the power level to 1000hp and you’re into some insane territory. So imagine having 1400hp and then adding 300hp worth of nitrous because it’s not enough power. That’s what Joel Halse did with his monster ’55 Chev, named CALLOUT.

1955-chevrolet -stillJoel bought the shoebox Chevy a few years ago and he’s been slowly refining it to make the machine more useable, as well as more powerful. It’s packing 572cubes of Chevy big block with a 14/71 blower, but that wasn’t enough, hence the nitrous. Joel is pretty confident the 50’s sedan has got a seven second pass in it. He loves nothing more than powerskidding it down the main straight at Powercruise.

1955-chevrolet -ontrack -startWe got our mate Steve Kelly to go out and have a chat to Joel about his cool Chevy. Check out the video; it’s a beast of a car