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Is this the toughest HSV GTS in Australia?

By Kian Heagney | Video: Peter Flint, 21 Feb 2019 Burnouts

Flinty takes a look at a killer new addition to the WA burnout scene

Is this the toughest HSV GTS in Australia?

NEW to the burnout scene for 2019 is Alex Korber’s killer Gen-F HSV GTS mock-up. Being built by the guys over at Pro West High Performance in Perth, Alex’s new addition to the WA burnout scene has to be one of the coolest new-school burnout cars we’ve come across.

Originally a VF Calais, the car was a financial write-off, so Alex decided to turn it into a tyre-slaying Gen-F HSV GTS replica. The boys at Pro West tubbed the rear end and fitted a four-link and a sheet-metal nine-inch diff. Underneath are coil-overs all ’round, with Brembo brakes up front housed in 22-inch Simmons wheels.

STRUGLIN blown Commodore Sportwagon 

The driveline comes in the form of an L98 6.0-litre with rods, pistons, oil pump, cam, lifters and rockers – the full works to keep it singing on the pad. Topped off by an 8/71 blower, the package eased out 830rwhp on 10psi. Sitting behind the mammoth LS is a two-speed Powerglide built by Fremantle Torque Converters.

532ci VF Commodore - RELOAD

This video shows the first real test hit for the car, and it’ll make its proper debut at Gary Myers’s Gazzanats WA this weekend. The Perth event includes a burnout comp, superskids, go-to-whoa and heaps more, making it the ideal place for Alex to debut his freshly finished VF.

UNWANTED VF Commodore ute burnout car