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We’re back in the workshop! – Carnage EP58

By Kian Heagney, 20 Nov 2020 Carnage

After months of being stuck at home, the Carnage crew returns to the workshop

We’re back in the workshop! – Carnage EP58

THAT’S right, Carnage is back! Several months ago, Scotty and the crew were forced to roll the shutters down on the Carnage workshop and retreat home when severe Stage 4 stay-at-home restrictions were put into place in Victoria.

While we had to hit the pause button on almost all the Carnage project cars, we did manage to rush the Valiant ‘Lockdown Wagon’ restoration project out to Scotty’s Garage so he could continue to safely work on it from home and give you all some ripper content and 70s adult film music.

Carnage workshop

Now restrictions have eased, we’ve been allowed back into Melbourne, which means we can resume wrenching on all our unfinished ball-aches to give you viewers some awesome videos.

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In this episode, we give you a tour of the workshop and bring you up to speed on where all those projects sit (in various states of disrepair), and lay out our plans for the future. ‘Turbo Taxi’, ‘The Trolvo’, ‘Mr Dodgey’, ‘Lightning McBarra’, the $2K Challenge AU – the list goes on. We also introduce another car we picked up right before we rolled the door down on the workshop, so let us know what you think we should do with it.

carnage workshop

In upcoming videos you’ll see us get our ‘Project SuperMang’ L67-swapped VN Berlina up and running, reveal an awesome new engine for one of our projects, and start prepping some of the other cars to take to Summernats Slam at Sydney Dragway, 8-10 January next year.