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The Big Block Barina hits Haunted Hills

By Jack Houlihan | Photos: Shaun Tanner, 18 Oct 2019 Carnage

Scotty and Bubba head to the track for thrills and spills in the big-block Barina

The big-block Barina is back - Carnage Episode 37

WHEN we last saw the big-block Barina over a year ago, it had just been ‘rescued’ by Scotty. After a much-needed power clean and mechanical tidy-up, we hit the track in pursuit of some quick numbers. 

Big Block Barina Episode 1

If you’ve just tuned in, we’re talking about an SB Barina with a girthy Calibra-sourced two-litre screaming away where the anaemic 1.4 once lived. 

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In-between the usual Carnage shenanigans, Scotty found time to hit the dyno and really put the Barina through its paces. The big block and five-speed spat out 90 front-wheel kilowatts on the Maxx Performance dyno, more than doubling the 44 offered from the car’s original donk.

After a few essential go-fast mods - namely a short-shifter, MOMO wheel, and tacho dash - the boys headed to Haunted Hills to see what their economy-class weapon could do.  

Carnage Haunted Hills

Both Scotty and Bubba found themselves impressed with the amount of grunt on offer in such a light car, fighting to keep traction to the front wheels in second gear.

Big Block Barina cornering

In usual fashion, Bubba’s maniacal driving yielded the quicker lap times. Not to be outdone, our intrepid host pushed back hard, leading to a couple of big spins. 

Big Block Barina spin Haunted Hills

The big-block Barina will undoubtedly return with a few more choice parts, including new suspension and an LSD to keep things planted. 

There’s a lot happening around Carnage HQ and beyond, so keep an eye on both here and YouTube for more good times!

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