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Carnage Episode 57 - how to fit mini-tubs

By Kian Heagney, 09 Oct 2020 Carnage

Scotty shows us how he fitted a set of McDonald Bros mini-tubs to his Valiant wagon

Carnage Episode 57 - how to fit mini-tubs

IT’S time for more action on our Valiant wagon restoration project, and this episode is a big one as it covers the first of the modifications we’re going to make. Up to this point all of the work has been based around restoration, but we’ve got big plans for this thing, so upgrades are necessary.

First up on the mod list is a set of rear mini-tubs so we can squeeze some solid rubber under the car. Scotty reached out to our good friends at McDonald Brothers Racing, who hooked us up with one of their killer 800mm tub kits.

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Once he got his hands on those, Scotty set about cutting out the old tubs all the way back to the chassis rail in preparation for the new metal. The Valiant being a wagon meant there was an abundance of room to work with, making Scotty’s first crack at doing tubs even easier. 

With those cut out, Scotty called upon some CAD (cardboard-aided design) to help draw up his new pair of tubs. McDonald Brothers Racing provides basic how-to installation instructions to make this as painless as possible, and Scotty sensibly opted for the ‘measure twice, cut once’ mentality. 

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After much trial and error, Scotty got the passenger side done and looking flash as hell for a first attempt. The practice on the passenger side made the driver’s side a walk in the park, and it wasn’t long until Scotty was happily grinning at a fresh new pair of tubs, which should accommodate north of a 315 drag radial. 

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Hopefully soon we’ll be allowed back into the Carnage workshop so we can properly hook into both this wagon and all our other half-finished projects, so keep your eyes peeled for new videos dropping soon. 


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