WITH Victoria plunged back into another COVID-induced lockdown, Scotty is back at home working away on our VE Valiant Lockdown Wagon project.

Street Machine TV Valiant Wagon Rustoleum

We first got to work on the car at the start of last year in the Carnage workshop, stripping it down and getting it ready for some serious rust repair, which included replacing the entire floor.

Street Machine TV Valiant Wagon

However, about midway through that process, that bastard flu started hitting Australia, so we shipped the wagon to Scotty’s home garage so he could continue working on it during the stay-at-home lockdowns in Victoria.

Archive Whichcar 2020 07 17 1 Valiant Wagon 1422
The Lockdown Wagon in Scotty's garage

In between lockdowns, we also purchased a spare parts wagon, as it came with a spare set of new-old-stock rear quarters. We kept the latter, but recently offloaded the car itself to the champions at Bumpstop Car Mods & Mentoring, who build cars for a great cause and will make something awesome out of it.

Street Machine TV Valiant Wagon Shell 2 B
Our spare VE Valiant wagon which we recently sold

Last week we aired an episode featuring some unseen footage of Scotty sandblasting the wagon last year, before we finally returned to the workshop and couldn’t find time to make more progress on the wagon until now.

Street Machine TV Sandblasting Ve Valiant Wagon
Scotty sandblasting the wagon

Because the car had been sitting for several months, Scotty’s first job was to get rid of the surface rust that’d slowly crept its way onto all the exposed metal. He cleverly used our brand-new Ryobi cordless buffer to get most of it off, before some rust dissolver removed the last of it.

Street Machine TV Carnage Lockdown Wagon 8

The driver’s-side rear quarter was a big focus of Scotty’s last year. It was so rooted he had to cut the whole thing off to make way for the NOS one we got with the spare wagon. With the quarter removed, it revealed more issues underneath, but in this episode he finally culls those last bits of rust before sealing it with some rust converter and a coat of primer.

Street Machine TV Carnage Lockdown Wagon

Due to the extension announced for the Melbourne lockdown, Scotty will have plenty of time at home to graft the NOS rear quarter onto the wagon, which is exactly what you’ll see in the next episode of Carnage.

Street Machine TV Carnage Lockdown Wagon 6
The NOS rear quarter mocked up on the wagon