LAST week we showed you the amazing, Aussie-built V12 engine built from two LS1 V8s, and now we can check it out on the dyno.

While the dyno’s exhaust system has muffled the unique sound of the V12, the guys at Dandy Engines, with a bit of help from Quickbitz, took no time at all to squeeze over 700hp out of the custom-built donk. We have no doubt that it could have made more power but Matt and Shane from didn’t want to lean on the engine too hard – the final tally was 717hp at 6300rpm, with 627lb/ft of torque at 5600rpm. The engine is a torque monster with 600lb/ft available from 4600rpm through to 6200rpm.

The engine is already on its way to the USA and Shane has started on another motor. We’re not sure if Shane is building this one wilder or not, but he did confess a desire to see if they could make 1000hp naturally aspirated. In the meantime check out this dyno video from Fullboost, and keep your eyes open for the August issue of Street Machine (on sale July 14th) where we will show you how the boys built their 519ci Frankenstein V12.