WhichCar TV Season Two coming to Prime NZ

A second season of WhichCar TV is about to drop on New Zealand’s Prime TV channel from March 7. Here’s what you can look forward to this season

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We can now announce that WhichCar TV Season two will air on New Zealand televisions from March 7, 2020, bringing another huge season filled with more of the latest and greatest car content from the motoring world.

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Season two will run for 50 percent longer than season one, with 30 whole episodes locked and loaded; inbound for your television via Prime TV NZ this autumn.   

The first episode of WhichCar TV will air on Prime New Zealand at 7pm on March 7.

In addition to initial air dates, you can find re-runs airing periodically and even catch some of the action on our website at www.whichcar.com.au/tv.

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We are going full-steam ahead here at WhichCar HQ; planning, writing and shooting all the material we’re going to deliver over season two. We can’t wait to show you what we already have in store – if you thought what we had in store in season one was good – we’ve got a whole other thing coming for you!

The cars are the stars on WhichCar TV, and you can expect to see all the latest models traversing the globe at the hand of our presenters as we attempt to review, entertain and inform this season.

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WhichCar explores new ways to look at the traditional car review through left-field ideas that make the story about more than the car, expect more adventures, more track action, off-road assaults and consumer advice when you tune into WhichCar TV.

Keep up to date with everything WhichCar TV in the lead up to its initial New Zealand airdate by staying in touch with the WhichCar Facebook, Instagram, and website.


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