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Powercruise takes over the USA – Video

By Aiden Taylor | Povi Pullinen - Video | Simon Davidson - Photos, 20 Aug 2018 Events

Some of the action from Powercruise USA #9 in Minnesota

Powercruise takes over the USA – Video

HERE in Australia, Powercruise events are massive. After all, you just can’t go nuts in your modified car on the street, but at a Powercruise event you can do it on a race track with all the safety gear, without getting your car sent to the crusher. You can cut laps, smoke tyres and go as fast as you like as long as you don’t end up driving on rims and wreck the track surface. There are very few rules, and that’s why it has been so successful.

We went to the 70th Powercruise event with the Carnage MX5.7 earlier this year and had a ball. Check out the action here.

In the past few years, Powercruise has held events in America too, taking some of the craziest Aussies in the burnout scene and their cars to show the Yanks how it’s done. Powercruise USA #9 took over Brainerd, Minnesota, a couple of weekends ago for three days of burnouts, powerskids, racing, track cruising, drifting, and just about anything else you could think of on four wheels.

The Aussies that made the trip over this year included Andrew ‘LYNCHY’ Lynch in his LS-powered Corolla, Rodney Waters in the blown big-block HQ Holden, and Mick Brasher in his little ULEGAL blown Corolla. Wherever these guys went they caused an absolute scene, and I hate to think how many tyres and litres of methanol they burned through while over in the States.

There were plenty of tough Yank cars ripping up the track and burnout pad though, and it appears that some of them have even learnt how to do a real burnout – the Australian way. After nine Powercruise events over there, we’d be concerned if they still hadn’t caught on. Check out the video to see how it all went down.