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By Boris Viskovic | Video: Povi Pullinen, 09 Feb 2018 TV

Tom Nelson from Nelson Racing Engines unveils tall-deck LS-powered '55 Chev at the Grand National Roadster Show

57 Chev two door Nelson Racing Engines w

TOM Nelson is a pretty recognisable bloke thanks to his many YouTube videos showcasing his awesome twin-turbo engine combinations, either on the dyno or stuffed between the chassis rails of a classic muscle car that he’s tear-arsing around the Hollywood Hills in.

Unfortunately, due to a couple of animated discussions with the local police, we probably won’t see him doing too many of those anymore, which is a bit of a shame as it would have been pretty cool to see this old shoebox Chev flexing its muscles.

For this particular build, completed entirely in-house by Nelson Supercars, Tom returned to his roots build a very cranky n/a motor – an all-alloy, 490ci LS combo that makes 700hp. But of course, this is a Nelson Racing Engine, and three-digit horsepower figures just don’t cut it, so there’s another 500hp of nitrous on hand when it’s required.

One really neat feature of the car is the custom-designed and machined billet air cleaner that is fed cold air through a cowl induction set up. Nelson Supercars even made up their own mould to create the rubber seal between the air cleaner and firewall. With its black over olive two-tone paint, black interior, satin black Forgeline wheels with dog dish caps and all of the Belair trim in place, it’s a pretty subtle car – until you smash the throttle!