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By Aiden Taylor, 16 Jan 2018 Summernats

Lynchy throws a rod and piston during Summernats 31 Burnout Masters qualifying

LYNCHY Summernats 31 wide

ANDREW Lynch is well known in the burnout community for his total lack of mechanical sympathy. Lynchy is a total savage and gets plenty of limiter fingers waving in the crowd as he puts on an epic display of car control, hitting parts of the burnout pad that no one else dares to go near.

His Corolla is powered by a 6.0-litre L98 motor with a tunnel-ram intake. It’s been his powerplant of choice for a number of years now and he’s chopped through a few of them during his exploits on the pad. Despite a recent engine swap, it seems his new LS donk wasn’t up for the punishment at Summernats 31 and threw a rod and piston through the bore mid skid.

Lynchy may have also damaged his differential after oil was spotted leaking from the housing once the car came to a stop. But we’re sure Lynchy will have her patched up and ready to send at his next burnout comp.