SYDNEY hot rodder Mario Colalillo has built some cool cars in his time, but his latest creation – a 1959 Cadillac dubbed Wild Cad – is his most ambitious yet.

Not only did he start with the most outrageous car Cadillac ever released, but he has built upon the factory design to create a rolling piece of art. There’s a massive chop top to emphasise the rear wings, a custom chassis to slam the car down low and a fade-away paint job by custom car legend Gene Winfield.

The crowning glory is the interior, which features an amazing all-metal hood lining, centralised ’59 Chev dash, T-Bird seats and a full length console that ends in another ’59 taillight.

Wild Cad won Top Custom on debut at the 2010 Meguairs’ MotorEx and is now on its way to the US, where it will compete in the Showcase of Kustoms at the Long Beach Motorama.

To see more, grab the October issue of Street Machine.