Street Machine Drag Challenge: The classes

The class structure for Drag Challenge explained


WE have deliberately kept the class structure at Street Machine Drag Challenge very simple, with just four tyre classes and one dial-your-own handicap class. Our ethos is 'run what you brung' with the rigours of street driving and track conditions helping to level the playing field. 

Turbosmart - Outlaw Blown

For any turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous-assisted car running radials wider than 275, or slicks of any size. There are no limits to blower size, turbo size or how many stages of nitrous you’d like to run. You can even combine all three, if you are that crazy!

2017 Champion: Paul Hamilton

Outlaw Blown Winner Jpg


2018 Champion: Harry Haig 

HQ Holden Harry Haig Jpg

GJ Drivelines - Outlaw Aspirated 

For any naturally-aspirated car running radials wider than 275, or slicks of any size.

2017 Champion: Stephen Micallef


2018 Champion: Daniel Cassar

Haltech - Radial Blown

For any turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous-assisted cars running a 275 radial or narrower. Again, there are no limits on turbo size, blower size or nitrous.

2017 Champion: Quentin Feast 

Quentin Feast Drag Challnge Jpg


2018 Champion: Frank Marchese 

Ford XW Falcon Dandy Engines Jpg

Pacemaker Headers – Radial Aspirated

For any naturally-aspirated car running a 275 radial tyre or narrower.

2017 Champion: Alon Vella 

Alon Vella Capri Jpg


2018 Champion: Alon Vella 

Alon Vella Capri Jpg

Tuff Mounts 235 Blown 

In 2019 we're introducing a couple of new 235 radial tyre classes for those guys keen to run on a small tyre! In previous years we've had heaps of competitors running smaller than 275 tyres competing in Haltech Radial blown so we wanted to give them an even playing field to be competitive in. 

Ford XM Falcon Jpg

Kool Wrap 235 Aspirated 

This is another class that is brand-new for 2019! Like 235 Blown, it's for all cars running a smaller 235-size radial tyre. In the past we've had heaps of guys like Nathan Ghosn in his crazy little Capri running quick times on 235-tyres so this opens up a whole new ball-game for them.  

Ford Capri V 8 Jpg

Speed Pro Six-cylinder

We're seeing more and more fast six-cylinder cars as Drag Challenge grows. Tough Barras, screaming RBs and mental 2JZs are all part of Drag Challenge and now they can compete against one another in the XR6 Turbo Developments Six-cylinder class. It's open to any six-cylinder car running a 275 or smaller radial tyre. 

Ford Cortina Barra Jpg

Vibrant Performance DYO

If you don’t wish to compete in the tyre classes, you can run in Dial Your Own. DYO entrants must have run quicker than 11.99, though we reserve the right to make exceptions at our discretion.

2017 Champion: Blake Jefferys 

DYO Winner Drag Challenge Jpg


2018 Champion: Darren Parker

Darren Parker Jpg

Note:  Radial tyres, for those classes that require them, will need a manufacturer’s metric size on the tyre. IE: 275, 255, 235, etc. Pro Radials or any other ‘street/strip’ tyres with Imperial measurements (IE: 28x9) will be put into the Outlaw Class.

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