Turbo 2JZ-powered 1978 Ford Cortina TE Ghia

Lambro Nicolaou's TE Cortina runs nines with Toyota 2JZ power and BorgWarner turbo

Ford Te Cortina Jpg

“MY CORTINA was originally my uncle’s car. He’d been playing around with the factory 250 Crossflow for a while, so after getting my hands on the car I told him I’d get it up and boogying.

 This article on Lambro's Cortina was first published in the May 2019 issue of Street Machine

Ford TE Cortina rear

"I dropped in to see Danny at Spot On Performance, and we agreed to run a 2JZ. Danny was building a similar set-up for a different car and I ended up buying it, as I thought it would be cool and different. So the car ended up at Spot On for the conversion.

Ford Cortina engine bay

"The engine is a standard 2JZ with ARP head studs and replaced valve springs, with a BorgWarner S300SX turbo. It runs an Elite Motorsports two-speed Powerglide and puts power to the ground through a nine-inch and 235 MT ET Streets. After Justin at Horsepower Solutions worked his magic on the Haltech Elite 2000, we ended up with 550rwhp on 28psi, running on E85.

Ford Cortina interior

"At the track on its first full pass it ran 9.7@135mph. We couldn’t believe how easy the car did it, so we got it teched and took it back to Horsepower Solutions for a little more boost. We went to 35psi and made 650rwhp, so we hit the track again to do a licensing pass, and on my second full licence pass it ran a 9.38@143mph.

Ford Cortina boot

"I’m over the moon with how the car has turned out and love showing my uncle what a tough street car we have.”

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Lambro Nicolaou
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