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Lightning McBarra gets a new engine – Carnage episode 50

By Simon Telford, 08 May 2020 Carnage

The Carnage boys fit a green-top Barra to our Mazda MX-5

Lightning McBarra gets a new engine – Carnage episode 50

THERE is no racing going on in Australia, but Scotty and Kian will be ready to torture tyres as soon as the lockdown lifts!

Barra engine

We blew the long-suffering, stop-gap Barra we fitted to the Lightning McBarra Mazda MX-5 on the dyno earlier this year – which we kind of expected. So Scotty grabbed a LPG-spec Barra for just $500, to take advantage of their stronger rods.

Carnage MX-5

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He added uprated valve springs, a better oil pump, decent head gasket and a few other pieces to help the six-pot survive the punishment that is going to come.

In this episode, Scotty and Kian fit the new motor into the MX-5 and run it up on the Maxx Performance rolling road.