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World’s quickest Skyline GT-R – 6.93@203mph

By Aiden Taylor, 09 Jul 2018 Drag Racing

Maatouks Racing are first into the sixes with their R32 Skyline GT-R

World’s quickest Skyline GT-R – 6.93@203mph

THE battle for the world’s quickest Nissan Skyline GT-R has really been heating up recently, and Sydney Dragway has been ground zero. Two workshops, Maatouks Racing and Croydon Racing Developments, have been at it with their respective RB-powered R32 GT-Rs for the past few months and getting ever-closer to running the magical six-second quarter-mile.

Last weekend Maatouks did it, running a 6.93@203mph, smashing into the six-second bracket for the very first time. The previous record, also held by Maatouks with its KING32 street car, was a 7.007@199mph, knocking Croydon Racing Developments’s JUN II off the pedestal just a few weeks after the latter set its 7.28@189mph record.

Nissan GT-R powered LX Torana hatch

Maatouks cracked the six-second barrier with its R32 GT-R race car, METRO, which is now the quickest and fastest Skyline GT-R in the world (not to be confused with the quickest GT-R; that would belong to the “Panda” Alpha Logic R35 GT-R). Maatouks’ race car runs a similar 1800hp RB30/26 3.2-litre stroker set-up as KING32, but is around 250kg lighter. Backing the RB donk is a TH400 auto that sends drive to 275 radial tyres at all four corners, giving it immense traction out of the hole.

World's first six-second GT-R, AMS ALPHA G

Maatouks is now just a couple of tenths off the all-time GT-R quarter-mile world record, which currently sits at 6.789 @ 222mph, set by Rob Harper and the Alpha Logic GT-R in Bahrain. At the same meet the Croydon Racing Development boys went 7.26 @ 193mph. It’ll be interesting to see if the Maatouks boys can go even quicker or if Croydon Racing Developments can reclaim the record in the future. Game on!