Presenting 30 years of Street Machine Summernats Burnout Champions

VANTASY burnout fire

THE defining feature of the Street Machine Summernats is the iconic burnout pad. The Street Machine Nationals that preceded it had burnouts too, but in those days, the skids were held on the cruise route. Pretty cool, but the bespoke pad set the stage for the sport to grow into the massive circus it is today. In the early days, the competition was largely made up of genuine streeters, with specialised burnout cars not appearing in large numbers until the early 2000s. Who will add their name to the list?

We’ll find out at Street Machine Summernats 33, January 2-5 2020. Note: While we’ve managed to match most of the images up to the year of the competitor’s win, there were a couple we couldn’t find, so we’ve used shots from other Summernats events.

Summernats Burnout Masters 

1 1988 Greg Thompson Capri

2 1989 Glenn Rogers XC Falcon ute

3 1990 Chris Christou XY GTHO

4 1991 Chris Christou XY GTHO 

5 1992 Wayne Doherty HX Holden van 

6 1993 Gary Myers, Ford Mustang

7 1994 Gary Myers, Ford Mustang

8 1995 Gary Myers, Ford Mustang

9 1996 Mark Dall’Acqua, Ford Escort 

10 1997 Tony De Oliveira, Toyota Corolla 

11 1998 Wayne Butler, HB Torana

12 1999 Matt Abood, ’57 Chev

13 2000 Gary Myers, Ford Mustang

14 2001 Debbie Gray, 1968 Camaro

15 2002 Mark Dall’Acqua, Ford Escort

16 2003 Peter Gray, 1968 Camaro

17 2004 Nathan Owens-Place, XE Falcon

18 2005 Dan Smith, C10 Chev

19 2006 Peter Grmusa, XR Falcon

20 2007 Peter Grmusa, XR Falcon

21 2008 Joe Pagano, Commodore ute

22 2009 Aaron Mackley, VANTASY 

23 2010 Mick Brasher, Toyota Corolla

24 2011 Adam Slorach, HR ute 

25 2012 Warren Eustace, HQ Holden

26 2013 Mark Schwirse Commodore ute

27 2014 Warren Eustace, HQ Holden

28 2015 Steve Edsall, VE Commodore

29 2016 Darren Bromage, Holden ute

30 2017 Anthony Page, HZ Holden ute

31 2018 Phil Kerjean, VK Holden wagon

32 2019 Mick Hamon VE Commodore 


matt purnell burnout king perth 2 nwSTREET MACHINE SUMMERNATS 31

Excited about Summernats 31? So are we! Keep an eye out here for news and updates in the lead up to Street Machine Summernats 31.


Relive all the action from Street Machine Summernats 30 right here


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