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Top five custom 4x4s of 2018

By Tristan Tancredi, 27 Dec 2018 Custom 4x4s

Top five custom 4x4s of 2018

A stunning LC200 headlines the most viewed custom 4x4s of 2018.

SHOWROOM stock four-wheel drives can only take you so far. To turn your four-wheel drive into the ultimate camping rig, or the ultimate rock-crawler, you’re going to need to trawl through the aftermarket catalogues.

The most clicked-on custom 4x4 for 2018 was this V8-powered LC200. Capable of delivering a whopping 1000Nm, this sleek Cruiser clearly has the go to match its show.

Read the complete article for its extensive list of goodies, which includes a custom exhaust system and a remapped factory ECU. 

Yep, the second most viewed article of the year was also an LC200, except this one has had a couple of extra wheels added courtesy of what’s basically a double JMACX coil set-up with a drive-through centre diff. The brains behind it? MaxTrax head honcho, Brad McCarthy. 

We were flung they keys to Harrop’s V8-powered Superado earlier this year. The Superado is a co-operative effort between Harrop Engineering and Killa Kustoms, and the supercharged Colorado features a 6.2-litre LS3 V8 topped with a Harrop-Eaton TVS2650 supercharger. If you do nothing else, at least listen to it purr in the video. 

A stretched Ranger is next on the list. The XLS Ranger is 300mm longer than stock, giving it a massive wheelbase and a monster tray to store all manner of camping kit. Everything about this Ranger screams ‘bigger is better’, with big tyres, big power and a big lift leading the charge. 

The third Toyota Land Cruiser makes this list, but it ain’t another LC200. Instead, it’s a classic HJ47 which proves age is just a number. The HJ47 may be 36 years young, but a six-year build has turned the ageing Toyo into an ageless Cruiser. There’s plenty of life left in in yet!