McLaren unveils limitless 720S GT3X

Unshackled GT3 racer promises more power, better brakes and a lot more aero

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McLaren has just unveiled the 720S GT3X, a hardcore, unhinged variant of its GT3 racer that does away with regulation compliance in favour of more... just about everything. 

It promises to be a compelling weapon on track, as the standard GT3 is an already potent machine, and a proven race winner in the various series the model competes in across the globe. 

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The engine is the same ricardo-built 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 found in its racing sibling, but the GT3X has had the pesky restrictor tossed in the bin, and it's also been fitted with larger turbochargers and a new manifold. 

The result of this fettling is an engine that produces a whopping 530kW, around 160kW more than the regular GT3. Customers will also be able to use a “push-to-pass” style button that will temporarily give the car 23kW more power for up to 30-seconds. 

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Beefier Alcon brakes also mean this extra oomph can be reined in, which is a good thing in a car that will easily top 300km/h. 

Aerodynamically, without FIA-mandated rules stifling creativity, the GT3X has been gifted with a bigger rear wing, a redesigned front splitter and new dive planes.

According to McLaren, these aero advancements are significant and have led to a profound performance gain on the track.

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The British supercar manufacturer even went so far as to say the GT3X represents the pinnacle of the track-based 720S line-up. 

The race car’s cockpit has also been changed slightly, with a redesigned roll cage allowing for a wider selection of racing seats to be installed, which may better suit a wider range of owners. 

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There’s no word as to what this epic race car’s RRP may be, but it will no doubt appeal to keen McLaren aficionados and the well heeled world of gentleman racers.

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