MG dedicated to generous six-year Australian warranty

The Chinese-owned MG brand offers a competitive six year warranty for its GS SUV range

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MG Australia has reaffirmed its commitment to building trust with customers by offering a competitive six year, unlimited-kilometre warranty for its products.

MG, owned by Chinese automaker SAIC Motor, will offer one of the longest warranties on the market, along with six years of roadside assistance and capped price servicing.

What’s more, its new GS SUV comes with 10,000 kilometre scheduled service intervals, with no set time interval.

Danny Lenartic, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for MG Motor Australia, says the warranty program is designed to build trust for the reborn brand Down Under.

“I think it sets a tone immediately with a six year warranty, roadside assistance, and capped price servicing,” he told Which Car.

“I think that sends a clear message and it allows people to trust you sooner rather than later.

“It is a big statement, and it is one that is really important to us. Globally, that warranty is aligned as well. So we are doing that across other countries.”

Lenartic says SAIC Motors and MG Australia are keen to dispel the myths surrounding Chinese-built cars.

“The phones you use, the technology we use, the clothes we wear, are all majority made in China,” he added.

MG is hoping to emulate the success of Korean brands Kia and Hyundai in changing public perceptions, along with Japanese brands before them.

“Engineering in China has come a long, long way, and I think the sentiment on Chinese-made product is softening,” Lenartic continued.

“I feel that with this brand we will help that, and hopefully propel it to another level where you are basing it on what you are seeing in front of you, and not perception.”

Kia currently offers the best warranty in Australia, with a seven year, unlimited kilometre offering with every one of its cars. French Brand Citroen also offers a six-year, unlimited kilometre warranty, while Chinese compatriot Haval has a five-year, 100,000km warranty.


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