Most powerful Golf GTI to sport manual gearbox

By Ryan Lewis, 08 Jun 2016 Car News

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Volkswagen Golf GTI P

Volkswagen Australia is doing the right thing by driving enthusiasts and offering its most powerful Golf GTI with a manual transmission, and making it cheaper to buy.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 Years is a special edition built to celebrate the 40thanniversary of fast Golf models. It’s based on the Golf GTI Clubsport model (pictured) sold overseas, but gets a different name in Australia due to a trademark conflict.

The 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine found under the bonnet produces 195kW all day every day, but that output can jump as high as 213kW and 380Nm for 10 second intervals, using a unique function that pumps more turbo boost into the engine to give it a quick power-up when needed.

Volkswagen Golf GTI P

Pricing for the GTI 40 Years with a manual gearbox is $46,990 – a full $2000 less than the DSG auto version with its $48,990 price-tag.

Distinctive features for the 40 Years model include a new front bumper with larger air intakes, a unique rear bumper with diffuser, two-piece rear spoiler, tinted taillights, larger exhaust tips, black wing mirrors, ‘honeycomb’ upholstery, an Alcantara steering wheel and red interior stitching.

Volkswagen Golf GTI-P seats

That’s on top of upgrades found in the Golf GTI Performance model that includes a tricky limited-slip differential, larger brakes, 19-inch alloy wheels and adaptive suspension.

Standard equipment covers more or less everything you can get in a Golf, including adaptive cruise control, auto emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. The only optional extra is a panoramic sunroof for $1850.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 Years is available to order now through Volkswagen.