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BMW mobs South Africa

By Scott Newman, 31 Jul 2014 Power-of-M

Watch a fleet of drifting M235is bring Cape Town to a halt

BMW mobs South Africa

In one of the cooler promo clips we've seen in a while, BMW has organised a 'Drift Mob' to lay rubber all over downtown Cape Town. The video launches the brand's new 'BMW Stories' online communication platform.

There's no real plot to speak of, but there is some very impressive driving, with a quintet of M235is engaging in carefully choreographed manoeuvres. Such high-risk sideways action required some serious driving talent, with professional stunt driver Rhys Millen joined by drift champions Samuel Hubinette, Conrad Grunewald and Daijiro Yoshihara and stunt driver Rich Rutherford.

BMW quote Millen as saying “It's amazingly simple to do a clean drift in this car”, but UK automotive website Pistonheads reports it wasn't quite that easy. Being prototype vehicles, the cars weren't fitted with the optional M Performance limited-slip differential, which made holding the extended slides difficult.

When playing with tyre pressures failed to produce the desired effect, the cars were taken to a local garage and the open differentials welded up. Yep, when it comes to controllable oversteer antics, it's difficult to beat a locker.

As well as the main clip, BMW also uploaded a behind the scenes video and a short 'How to Drift' tutorial with Rhys Millen, which are arguably more entertaining than the main shoot. Still, well done to BMW for promoting the art of skidding to the world.