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This is how much money car manufacturers make every second

By Tom Fraser, 24 Aug 2020 Car News

Just how much money do top car manufacturers make?

Volkswagen’s annual revenue exceeds the average Australian’s salary every five seconds

Car companies continue to be some of the biggest earners worldwide, with recent data shining a light on just how much they’re earning every second.

Revenue data collated by partsgeek.com places earning streams in a ‘per second’ basis, and Volkswagen tops the charts earning a whopping US$9202 (AU$12,784) each second – claiming the title of the most profitable automaker in the world in 2019. 

How Much 19 Major Car Brands Make Every Second - PartsGeek.com - Infographic

On the other end of the scale – and seemingly at odds with its recently-garnered title of ‘world’s most valuable carmaker’ –  is Tesla’s position, earning just US$780 (AU$1083) per second.

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Toyota follows closely behind the German Volkswagen conglomerate bringing in US$8634 (AU$11,988) each second, and the next greatest revenue in 2019 was Ford’s earnings at US$4946 (AU$6869) per second. 

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Volkswagen’s market capitalisation is immense, holding the cards for some of the most famous car makers on the Earth, including Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Skoda and Bentley.

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Volkswagen itself produced 3.67 million cars in 2019. Using its estimated US$99 billion-dollar new car revenue against that shows that, on average, each car being sold nets US$26,960 (AU$37,434).

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American manufacturers continue to generate among the best revenues across the world, with companies like Ford, GM and FCA beating out German-owned marques like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

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Amid such success for the automotive world in 2019, the really telling result will be to see who can weather the storm after a disastrous 2020.