• Nice 2.0-litre turbo engine feels strong not only around town but up windy roads, you’ll also love the constant racecar like crackles from its sports exhaust when you lift your foot off the throttle pedal.
  • Six-speed automatic gearbox shifts cleanly, smoothly, with little fuss, and is more than capable handling the tight start-stop driving of car parks.
  • Its steering wheel feels tight, light, and accurate to spin, which is a must for a sporty individual like the Mini, while the brakes bite with assuring strength, so you know you can always stop when you want, and seem like they could last ten rounds with Ali.
  • The JCW handles with the surefootedness of a tightrope walker, while its sport seats are comfortable and hold you tight during excited driving, something the JCW is made for.
  • The high-tech, cool looking, heads up display above the instrument cluster projects your speed up on to the windscreen. This keeps your eyes on the road where they should be and we love this feature. Other crucial stuff that makes day-to-day driving much easier like a reversing camera, cruise control, dual climate control, automatic headlights, and automatic wipers are standard too… as you’d expect for $49,950.
  • Like to accessorize? There’s seemingly endless scope to personalise the exterior package to your tastes…


  • …Except for the wheels, MINI only offers one style.
  • The interior’s rife with typical MINI flair, which is good, but ultimately steers its design and interface in odd directions.
  • Even as a top of the range car MINI’s skipped electric adjustment for your driver’s seat, and should you want an alarm system MINI buries it in an optional $1560 Convenience package.
  • Your shoulder space feels challenged by the car’s relatively narrow width (it’s a MINI, remember?), bolstered seats and intruding centre console armrest.
  • Its suspension lacks the comfort or composure of similarly priced rivals, don’t expect a limo-like ride.
  • Some cars come equipped with a Pirelli-made tyre and these dislike greasy conditions, take caution on roads after rain.
  • Should you get enthusiastic on a windy road you might find the electric-motor based steering can feel unnatural when straightening the wheel too quickly after a corner.

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