• Space is no issue in XC60. With the back seats and front passenger seat folded down, you could move a small apartment.
  • The second row is propped up so everyone gets a good view.
  • The boot is big enough to swallow your cargo.
  • It comes with plenty of safety gear. Not that you'd expect anything less from Volvo.
  • City Safety Collision is perhaps the most notable technology, helping avoid those annoying slow-speed impacts in urban environments.
  • The XC60 offers ergonomically designed sport seats so they offer plenty of support for those longer drives.
  • Volvo’s in-built two stage booster cushions which is perfect for those with a younger family. It makes reconfiguring seating arrangements quick and easy.


  • Satellite navigation doesn't come as standard in all models. It'll cost an extra few thousand in the base model, which isn't ideal in an SUV.
  • Its Road Sign Information technology is a bit hit and miss.
  • The XC60 doesn’t handle as well as some of its competitors. That’s assuming you care (and/or notice) the ride quality.


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