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Skoda's doggy car care

By Anna Kantilaftas, 27 Aug 2015 Car Style

Skoda's doggy car care

Keeping the kiddies safe is a given, but what about your four-legged fur babies? Never fear, Skoda’s got your back with a range of doggy accessories.

With its head out the window, tongue dangling from its slobbering lips, and tail wagging with more excitement than a kid in a candy store, there’s nothing a pooch loves more than a car trip. Well, except maybe left-overs from dinner and a tennis ball.

For most people, a dog is a part of the family, so it’s only natural to keep them safe. There’s no shortage of safety equipment keeping human babies protected in your car, so why not your pooch too?

If you’ve ever got the sweats worrying that poochie is going to leap out of an open window, stress less; because Skoda is here to help keep the fury members of your fam-bam safe.

To do this, it’s introduced a dog seat belt, a non-slip, water resistant and washable back-seat protector, and a double-sided boot floor with one side covered in a dirt-repelling, waterproof coat.

Skoda has our tails wagging when it comes to keeping man’s best mate clean and safe!

The accessories are available through all Skoda dealers.