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Grand Theft Auto 5 added to Xbox Game Pass

By Tony O’Kane, 08 Jan 2020 News

Grand Theft Auto 5 added to Microsoft Game Pass

Everyone's favourite driving (and crime) game is now free for connected Xbox gamers

If you’re one of the handful of gamers who doesn’t already have Rockstar’s landmark driving game/crime simulator, Grand Theft Auto 5, but you DO have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, we have good news: you can now play it for free.

Newly added to Microsoft’s Game Pass library, GTA5 now costs you nothing to install provided you’re hooked into the Game Pass system, which costs $10.95 per month, and gives you access to more than 100 gaming titles.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Note however that GTA5 is only available on Game Pass for the Xbox One console, and is presently not offered on the Game Pass for PC service (which currently costs $4.95p/m on an introductory offer).

If you’ve got an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription ($15.95p/m) or Xbox Live Gold, however, you’ll also be able to enjoy the multiplayer mayhem of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Given the vast options for generating money in GTA Online, whether through participating in heists with your friends, operating a motorcycle gang, arms dealing, drug cultivation, doing online races and challenges or just straight-up robbing your fellow human players, there’s seemingly limitless gameplay options once the game gets connected to the internet.

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And that’s all on top of the single-player campaign, which is easily one of the best video game storylines of the past decade.


Grand Theft Auto 5

Online or off, GTA5 still has plenty to give – and that’s remarkable for a game that was released way back in 2013 and still retails for between $39-50.

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Don’t have an Xbox at all? Microsoft and Telstra are now offering the Xbox One under a $27p/m subscription plan that includes the Game Pass Ultimate, and thus GTA5 and scores of other free games as well. Not a bad option for those looking to jam a few more entertainment options into their living room.

Grand Theft Auto 5

In case you were wondering whether you should hold out for GTA6, there’s still no concrete information about a Grand Theft Auto sequel. There are plenty of rumours circulating about GTA6, with theories that it could see a return to GTA3’s Liberty City or even head south of the equator to Colombia or Jamaica. That said, we’re not expecting any clarity on that in the near-term.