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Hyundai ‘N Option’ performance parts revealed: 2018 Paris Motor Show

By Chris Thompson, 02 Oct 2018 Paris Motor Show

Hyundai N Option performance parts revealed 2018 Paris Motor Show news

Hyundai’s hot hatch scores racecar styling with new accessory options

Hyundai is set to offer up ways to make its raucous i30 N hot hatch more noticeable, thanks to a range of optional accessories called ‘N Options’.

A Hyundai i30 N Options show car was revealed at the Paris Motor Show, as a showcase of 25 different possibilities for i30 N owners.

Hyundai’s performance and motorsport division VP Thomas Schemera says the i30 N is expected to continue ‘shaking up’ the segment.

“With our N portfolio we are shaking up the competition, and bringing new performance and emotions for our customers,” says Schemera.

”The development of our N vehicles is grounded in Motorsport and our engagement there is the pinnacle of N.

“The new i30 N Line and our i30 N ‘N Option’ show car illustrate our dual approach to customisation, making N available to a wider audience.”

Hyundai says the list of parts includes “a carbon rear wing carrying the N emblem, a carbon hood with integrated air vents, quad mufflers, and the N grille surrounded by a red character line.

“Another highlight in style and performance are the wheels with casted lightweight 20-inch rims fitted with high-performance semi-slick tyres.

“The i30 N ‘N Option’ exterior colour is a unique matt paint, specially created for the show car.”

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None of the parts affect output specs of the i30N, nor do they dramatically reduce weight.

Inside the show car present in Paris, black carbon accents are found throughout, as well as plenty of Alcantara.

Most notably, lightweight sport bucket seats replace the standard pews, imposing a much more ‘motorsport’ vibe.

Stay tuned for Australian details to be confirmed regarding the new performance parts.