Hyundai Oz reveals i30 N track parts and support program

Hyundai i30 N customers brace for track-ready bits and factory support

Hyundai Oz reveals i30 N support program

Hyundai’s i30 N will give track addicts more ways than ever to scratch their itch.

The brand has announced it will release track-ready upgrades, extend warranty coverage to circuit use, and offer possible factory trackside support to i30 N customers.

Senior product planner Andrew Tuitahi confirmed the circuit-focused modifications at the car’s launch in Albury this week. 

“The accessories team are still finalising what they’ll be able to offer,” he told journalists, “but we’ll at least see track orientated pads, tyres, some lightweight wheels and still a couple of other items that might go in.”

Those pads, wheels, and tyres are the same spec as the items we saw in Germany last year at the vehicle’s international launch.

The upgrades are designed to give the car more grip and braking performance.

Tuitahi has also confirmed to MOTOR that Hyundai will offer a fire extinguisher kit and sticker pack which marks turbo and battery locations.

We understand Hyundai is still evaluating the three-mode adjustable swaybar developed in Germany and Australia is awaiting to trial the item.

One of the i30 N’s critiques is its neutral-to-understeer handling balance and we understand the suspension modification has been designed to induce more oversteer.

The wheels are 19 x 8.0-inch O.Z Hyper GT items while the tyres are Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs – the same seen on HSV’s GTSR W1.

German company PAGID make the new pads which partner with extra brake ducting to aid higher running temperatures.

As a laptime test with Brendan Reeves reveals, the brake pads and tyres are worth more than 1.5 seconds per lap.

Hyundai won’t comment on price, but the lightweight O.Z wheels are publicly available at around the $3500 mark while the tyres retail around $2000. Each respective price is for a set.

For reference, Ford offered a track wheel-and-tyre combo on its Focus RS including a 19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre as a $1500 option.

Hyundai’s track ethos goes further as the company has revealed circuit use will not void the car’s standard unlimited kilometre five-year warranty.

There’s also the plan to run factory organised track events through an N performance hub. The events would offer technical support and factory insight otherwise out of reach to customers.

“We’re very interested in the lower level club motorsport track days,” Hyundai’s PR director Bill Thomas says, “and supporting customers directly is something we’re very keen to do.”

Mr Thomas says the current idea is to have its  “N performance hub” as a website where customers can check for upcoming events, but counters it’s still a fledgeling concept. 

“We’d like to have the chance to support customers at these days, and how that plays out is actually to still be decided.”


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