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Could selling your car be as easy as 1, 2, 3?

24 Sep 2018 Sponsored Content

Could selling your car be as easy as 1, 2, 3?

Imagine if selling your car was as simple as staying home and using an app.

You wouldn’t need to organise appointments, drive anywhere, or invite strangers to your house who are only interested in bargaining despite you saying ‘price not negotiable’. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone did all the heavy lifting for you?

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Seeing a gap in the market for a fast and easy way to sell, Pickles – Australia’s leading auctioneer and valuer – prototyped an app that is free, simple, easy-to-use and allows customers to sell their cars quickly without having to do any of the work.

The app, called DIYinspect, was launched in September this year and is already proving to be very popular.

“We designed the app with the customer at the forefront – it’s all about accessibility and making it faster and easier to sell a car. Customers can sell their car to Pickles without ever having to leave home,” says Gavin Smith, Chief Disruption Officer at Pickles Ventures.

How does DIYinspect work?

It’s really simple. Users simply download the app on Google Play or the App Store, create an account, enter their car details and upload photos.

This information is then sent to Pickles who has over 50 years’ experience in valuations. Their expert team will review the details provided and then contact the user with a free valuation and guaranteed buy price.

Once this is accepted, Pickles will pick up the vehicle for free within 30kms of the nearest Pickles branch and pay you within 48 hours of the car being collected.

“It’s different to what’s out there as it really puts the customer first. You can be anywhere – at work, at home, interstate – and still sell your car. It’s ideal for those who want to sell quickly with minimal fuss,” says Gavin.

At the moment, cars must be less than eight years old and have fewer than 160,000kms to use DIYinspect. If a user’s car exceeds the above, Pickles can sell your car quickly through other channels.

“This is the just the start of DIYinspect. We’re looking at ways to expand and are continually testing and evolving the app to ensure the customer has the best experience,” says Gavin.

DIYinspect is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Download it today to get started.


Pickles, Australia’s leading auctioneer and valuer. Visit pickles.com.au for more information