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Top five best-selling SUVs in 2019

By Tom Fraser, 20 Jun 2019 Car Advice

Top five best-selling SUVs in 2019

Looking for a practical family SUV but not sure of your options? We take a look at the five best-sellers

Coming into the end of financial year we've had a look at some of the trends the Australian car market is currently experiencing, and no surprises here, SUVs are still one of the most popular cars being bought in Australia right now. 

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Medium SUVs are still best represented overall, with 80,871 sold year-to-date against 54,248 small SUVs and 49,953 large SUVs. But which models are the best-selling of all? Here are the most popular five SUVs that Australians are buying right now:

Mazda CX-5

11,045 sales YTD

A sales juggernaut for the Japanese brand in recent years, the Mazda CX-5 is yet to be truly de-throned in the medium SUV sales race. A roomy, quiet and well-appointed cabin pairs with an enhanced driving experience to afford Australians a well-resolved ownership experience. It's no wonder they're onto such a winner.

Toyta RAV4

9010 sales YTD

Newly updated Toyota RAV4 looks set to be a challenger for the title, selling 2917 models in its first month on sale. Based on Toyota's TNGA chassis, the new generation RAV4 brings new engines, vastly updated technology and a refined driving experience compared to the outgoing model. 

Mitsubishi ASX

8229 sales YTD

Despite being on sale for nearly ten years without a major facelift or update, the Mitsubishi ASX still sells remarkably well. We might never know exactly why it does so well, but considering it's an affordable alternative to its competitors and the fact that it does what it says on the box might have something to do with it. 

Toyota Prado

7833 sales YTD

The most popular of all the serious off-roaders, the Toyota Prado continues to be a hit with families and outback trekkers.

Nissan X-Trail

7544 sales YTD

Sporting a number of advanced driver assistance features and a versatile interior, it's no surprise the Nissan X-Trail is a continual hit with families. The fact that it's a half-decent off-roader is also a plus.


Source: VFACTS, sales for Q1/Q2 2019