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2019 BMW M2 and M5 Competition pricing and features

By Daniel Gardner, 07 Nov 2018 Car News

2019 BMW M2 and M5 Competition pricing and features

Pumped up high-performance Competition pair replace ‘standard’ M2 and M5 varieties

BMW’s  M2 and M5 Competition brawny brace are replacing ‘standard’ versions of the high-performance pair in showrooms this month, and fans of the M2 and M5 will need to dig deeper into their pockets for an example to call their own.

However, both M2 Competition and M5 Competition add significant performance-enhancing extras for an incremental increase in pricing.

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Kicking off the M2 line-up, a new Competition Pure nudges out the previous $93,300 M2 Pure for an asking price of $99,900 – matching the price of the now superseded ‘regular’ M2. The most affordable and equipment-lite version is available with either standard seven-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual for no extra cash.

Above that, the more handsomely-equipped M2 Competition costs from $104,900 marking the first time the M2 has breached the $100k ceiling since it was launched locally in 2016. The flagship is available only as an auto.

At the same time, the M2’s bigger sister has undergone a similar shake-up with the M5 Competition now the only option in the 5 Series range, replacing the previous ‘standard’ M5.

Grabbing an example of the enhanced M5 Competition will cost you $229,900 – that’s an even $30,000 more than the outgoing non-Competition M5.

In the case of both M2 and M5 Competition, boosting the budget does bring a hearty dose of performance-enhancing features for the extra cash.

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Opt for the most affordable M2 and you’ll get a version of the small coupe that winds up the power from 272kW to 302kW, while torque rises by an extra 85Nm. That’s enough to shave the zero to 100km/h dash down to 4.2 seconds when the dual-clutch auto is bolted in.

It also gets a fat bodykit, beefier brakes with six-piston calipers at the front end, a torque-vectoring active M-differential for managing the extra performance and a revised suspension set up.

Step up to the more expensive M2 Competition and a handful of equipment that was deleted for the purists version gets added back in. Manual seat adjustment is upgraded to electric, Comfort access allows door unlocking without pressing a button, a standard seven-speaker sound system is upgraded to the Harman Kardon option, and LED headlights get adaptive beam technology.

On the outside, the Pure is identifiable by its 19-inch double spoke wheels, while the top-shelf M2 has Y-spoke design rims of the same diameter.

BMW M5 Competition replaces standard M5 in Australia

As for the M5 Competition, its 4.4-litre turbo V8 gets a 19kW tune up over the now-discontinued vanilla version, taking power up to 460kW. That boost chops the 0-100km/h benchmark down to a lightning 3.3 seconds. Torque is unchanged at 750Nm.

Compared with the sub-$200,000 version, the Competition scores petrolhead features including a suspension overhaul, more powerful brakes, a unique 20-inch wheel design, more vocal exhaust system, and interior embellishments such as top-quality leather with the M-colours embroidered in.


  • BMW M2 Competition Pure (manual and automatic) - $99,900
  • BMW M2 Competition (automatic) - $104,900
  • BMW M5 Competition - $229,900