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Google Maps to gain eco-friendly route suggestions

By Mike Stevens, 04 Apr 2021 Car News

Google Maps to gain eco-friendly route suggestions

Google is joining the campaign to reduce fuel consumption, thanks to a new Maps feature

An upcoming update to the popular Google Maps service will bring the addition of ‘fuel-efficient’ route suggestions, the company has revealed.

Joining a number of other new features, the eco-friendly option will suggest directions optimised for lower fuel consumption than others might otherwise require.

Specifics of the route calculations have not been detailed, but the images above suggest it might focus on routes with fewer reasons to stop, and ideal speeds for optimal engine operation. Logical. 

The fuel-efficient route suggestions will begin appearing for Android and iOS users in the US later this year, with other ‘global’ markets to get the update sometime later. We Aussies probably shouldn’t expect to see it until sometime in 2022.

Markets with ‘low emissions’ zones – usually urban centres in countries like the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain – will also begin to see Google Maps offer alerts if a suggested route will go through these areas.

Owners of vehicles with CO2 emissions ratings above the accepted maximum will likely want to tick the ‘avoid low emissions zones’ box that is sure to appear alongside the ‘avoid tolls’ choice in the route options screen.

Lastly, an air quality ‘layer’ will join Google Maps’ existing options – which includes traffic and satellite views – in Australia, India, and the US in the coming months.

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